Barangaroo timeline

The creation of Barangaroo is long term and will take around 20 years to complete the buildings and infrastructure.  When complete Barangaroo will accommodate over 23,000 workers and residents, in addition to hosting an estimated 33,000 visitors a day or 12 million a year.

An indicative timeline is as follows:


•    Commenced bulk excavation for basement construction and first commercial towers at Barangaroo South
•    Headland Park construction continued
•    Commenced construction of Wynyard Walk


•        Continue construction of commercial towers at Barangaroo South
•        Temporary cruise passenger terminal closes and new terminal opens at White Bay
•        Headland Park construction continues
•        Trial of remediation of former Millers Point Gasworks commences
•        Central Barangaroo master planning


•        Headland Park construction continues
•        Commence Site Integration set up with Munns Reserve for Headland Park
•        Completion of Northern Cove at Headland Park
•        Public brief for first phase residential in Central Barangaroo commences
•        Calling for Expression Of Interest for Developers in Central Barangaroo
•        Commence Barangaroo South foreshore residential buildings and public domain
•        Commence remediation works
•        Continue construction of commercial towers at Barangaroo South


•        Completion of all Site Integration works by mid-February 2015
•        Central Barangaroo development contracts awarded
•        Headland Park opens
•        Central Barangaroo Waterfront Promenade and interim public domain complete
•        Completion of ITS Tower 2, including some ground floor retail
•        Barangaroo South public domain from waterfront to Hickson Road associated with first buildings opens
•        Alexander and Anandara, the first waterfront residential buildings complete
•        Commence construction of hotel* (subject to relocation negotiations)
•        Wynyard Walk complete


•        Completion of ITS Tower 3
•        Work commences on Phase One development in Central
•        Completion of ITS Tower 1


•        Barangaroo South first residential tower complete* and Hotel complete*
•        Phase One Central Barangaroo complete


•        Entire precinct projected to be completed

* subject to approvals